Recreo- Renewing Creative Opportunity


What and who are recreo

The Recreo (standing for: Renewing creative opportunity) project is orientated around supporting asylum seekers and influx of Syrian refugees entering Plymouth.

Over the duration of the project, the groups missions are:

  • To create a centre to where refugees can come together, creating an integrated community. This centre will hold cultural backgrounds where the refugees do not feel isolated from the Plymouth community but feel involved.
  • To attain a system where refugees are able to seek employability.


Within out team we recognised the need to help the new influx of refugees coming to Plymouth. In order to achieve this is was our aim to find a gap in which we were able to legally help the refugees without replicating existing companies. In terms of Asylum seekers, the main concern found was the lack of job availability and feeling isolated from the Plymouth community; these concerns were also found within refugees.